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Alternatively, view all available code from source:

Getting Started

For users who downloaded a package, once installed you can start and use the application, as such:

Start and get to the application with:

  • sudo /etc/init.d/opendias start
  • or,
  • sudo systemctl start opendias.service

Point a web browser at:

  • http://localhost:8988/opendias

New users will need to follow setting up authentication steps.

For further details


  • upgrading from earlier versions,
  • setting up authentication,
  • adding networking scanners,
  • application proxying: removing the port number from the url,
  • etc...

see the Support section.


Items marked with "*" formed an official release.

*0.9.5  Final release version
        Added auto tagging, by guessing the scans contents

 0.9.4  Standards on and
        Use tesseracts actual installed location and only show OCR for installed tesseract langs
        Completely move sane operations into it's own process.
        Add missing German and Dutch translations
        Unify date formats
        More graceful handling of unknown file types on file-uploads
        Added more tests, fixed some others
        Fixed AJAX error message codes
        Browsers can now cache login details

 0.9.3  Add some new user help
        Restrict OCR operation to languages that tesseract has installed
        Increase validation on 'new tag' assignment

 0.9.2  Isolate SANE operations into their own process (protect against SANE segfaults)
        Defer scanner detail lookup until they are needed.
        Update application footer text to be less "copywrite" notice.

 0.9.1  Auto detect similar documents, offer to 'tag' and 'title' new docs for you.
        Privilege assignment by username and password.
        Added Dutch translations.
        Can now scan in colour.
        Detail page now has a 'print now' button (for scans and jpeg imports).
        Increased the max number of scanning pages to 30 (from 10).
        Deprecated location based privilege assignments.
        Improve scanning performance.
        Application and install, now honours GNU autotools --prefix option.
        Tests no longer need special permissions to run.
        Web application is now session aware.
        Implement bind vars for result returning SQL statements.
        Stubbed out many external libs for testing (performance).
        Localisation is now much easier.
        Cleaned up homepage.

*0.8.1  A localisation framework has been put in place (with en and de languages added)
        Remove defunct speak functionality
        Implement Issue #7 - Document Linkage
        Implement Issue #12 - Better Testing
        Implement Issue #13 - Device Locking
        PDF, ODF and Image imports, now correctly have a thumbnail and OCR performed.
        Now works on 64-bit machines
        Migrated to tesseract v3
        IO is all utf8
        Frontend will now timeout, rather than hang on error.
        Document list is now autoloaded, rather than using a paged table.
        various bug fixes and cleanups.

*0.7.3  Issue #9 - Scanners with 'word_list' resolutions
        Fix spinner viability on searching for scanners.
        Issue #10 - Scan images display is not permission checked

 0.7.2  Remove the de-skew functionality
        Improve OCR operations accuracy
        Allow documents to be opened full screen
        Revamp doc list and filter functionality

 0.7.1  Added an "ideas" link and fixed typos/spelling error, on the application homepage.
        Removed the dependency on glib
        Moved around the doclist page to better show fix vs. user defined, options
        Added new admin app to easily set config options
        Improved the selection and assignment of tags

 0.7.0  Fix an issue with bad setting of SANE options. (some user could not set the resolution)
        Added language selection for OCR operations
        Fix install problem if installation is already found
        Improved build instructions
        Fix build problem on Fedora
        Layed the groundwork for device locking
        Various tidy-ups
        Unified the backed response structure and defined an API
        Added direct API calls examples

*0.6.5  Fix for scanners with "word_list" resolution options

*0.6.4  Fix warnings at compile time

*0.6.3  Improve the build process

 0.6.2  Fixes to help get into debian repo
        Ensure we can compile with various 'optional' libs are missing.

 0.6.1  Fixes and better testing

*0.6    Second major public release (first in web format)
        Rationalise and fix scanning code
        Various fixed make durring testing

 0.5.16 Fixes and change ocr default to on

 0.5.15 finish file import

 0.5.14 Update to loggin
        chage the default URL to start "/opendias/" to allow the use of webserver no port proxying

 0.5.13 Better Daemon setup

 0.5.12 make it daemonisable

 0.5.11 more on: uploading files, admin of access controls, ui improvements, more...

 0.5.10 More ui improvements

 0.5.9  more security

 0.5.8  various fixes

 0.5.7  UI Tweaks
        beginnings of access controls
        input validation

 0.5.6  Allow variable length scans

 0.5.5  smooth over UI

 0.5.4  memory fixes for skew code

 0.5.3  Fixes, plus software solution for hardware skew

 0.5.2  Fixes for ocr

 0.5.1  Fix FreeImage memeory leak

 0.5    Initial Release (of web version).

 0.4    [missing entries]

 0.3.2	Add threading to 'slick up' the UI in places.
	Fix more memory leaks
	Handle things when the loading image is not available.
	Use compiler flags to set data_dir

 0.3.1	Cleanup
 	Fix "no OCR libs" error
	Fix lots of memory leaks

 0.3    Moved over to bind vars for db updates and inserts
	Default the "should we OCR" to ON
	Add image processing to allow paged views of scanned images
	Add an icon to the application
	Fix build failure bug if tesseract is not installed.
	Auto crop of scanned image pages
	Add scanned image zooming

*0.2.6	Fix bug that stopped new users from creating a repository.

*0.2.5	Various bug-fix. inc. available tags 'containing doc count' recalc error.

 0.2.4	Revamp the doc-editor UI layout

 0.2.3	Implement lots of "greyed-out" functionality

 0.2.2	Add multiple page scans

*0.2.1	Bug fixes

 0.2	Added ODT document archival 

 0.1.1	Bug fixes on initial

*0.1	Initial version 
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