openDIAS - Todo List.

Below is the current list of work scheduled for inclusion into the openDIAS product.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

  1. Next release (1.x series)
    • Implement webservice to allow cloud backend datastores;
    • Schedule schredding of physical documents;
    • Refresh website CSS and all frontend jQuery libraries;
    • Review and rationalise codebase;
    • Turn OCR into a plugin;
    • Migrate frontend tests to QUnit;
    • Add backend unit-tests;
    • Implement the remainder of the reg-test test-plan, check coverage;
    • Fix Intermittent failing test-tests;
    • Implement 'OCR now' on document detail page;
  2. Future Release
    • ... none scheduled ...
  3. Possible ideas
    • Print doc details label (to stick onto doc after scanning)
    • document workflow
    • Updates versioning/audit
    • auto (learning) tagging of new docs
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